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Course Overview
Earn a certificate today in 3D Printing Foundations to have a grasp of the advanced technologies ushering in a new era of manufacturing.

3D Printing Foundations is an introductory course to the world of 3D printing. The objective is to gain an understanding of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping; how it works, where its being used, and the different technologies available. You will gain insight into industry applications and an outlook on what the future holds for different industry segments.

If you are looking to enhance your skills, be more competitive in the job market, or to educate yourself about today's most talked about topic in manufacturing, this is the course for you.
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Key Deliverables
How 3D Printing Works Different 3D Printing Processes 3D Printing Product Development Process 3D Printing Certificate
How 3D Printing Works

Different 3D Printing Processes
and Materials

3D Printing Uses in the Product Development Process

Certificate of Completion will be provided

Course Description
The course is geared to familiarize students with the digital tools available to enhance the product development cycle and introduce a new way of production. Students will be introduced to various 3D printing techniques and receive a general understanding of the technology behind it. The course includes discussions about apparent advantages of the technologies and how they are utilized in the market. Moreover, students will be taken through a series of real life case studies showcasing the use of additive manufacturing by Fortune 500 companies, small-medium sized businesses, and individuals, to increase their efficiency and reduce their product time to market.

The course will also include a tour of our 3D printing facility with multiple systems representing two different technologies.
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