Higher Capacity,Faster Sintering and No Outsourcing.






Increase Productivity Without Compromising Quality   


Increase the output of your dental lab with the new Lava™ Furnace 200 by reducing sintering times and producing more units per sintering cycle (up to 70 units per cycle). 3M ESPE worked closely with DEKEMA to customize their newly developed Austromat sintering furnace for Lava™ Zirconia. The result is a new ceramic furnace designed by one of the most innovative manufacturer with an adapted feature to function with  Lava™ Copings and Frameworks. 



Specially Designed Accessories

Use Specially Designed Accessories for all your sintering needs. Each Lava™ Furnace 200 comes
with a starter kit including three Sintering Crucibles, one Gripper Tool and three Honeycomb Sintering Carriers. 
All items are also sold separately. 



Custom Sintering at Your Fingertips

  • Lava™ Zirconia is a specially formulated material by 3M ESPE. Sintering is a ctitical step to the final material properties. By using custom sintering programs for  Lava™ Zirconia, you can ensure your authentic coping and frameworks have a similar translucency to natural dentures. 
  • Arrange your workspace to fit YOUR needs. The control unit can be wall mounted or placed on a desktop. The Display on the Furnace 200 Control Unit indicates the remaining cycle time.
  • Consume less energy by using the Lava™ Furnace 200 as opposed to using any other sintering furnace. Now you can do more with less. For higher sintering capacity, you can save on time, costs and wattage. 





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