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Proto3000 is proud to offer you Startasys' industry leading lineup of FDM Printing machines. These innovative and powerful rapid prototyping devices are capable of many different material properties to meet your exact project needs.

From 3D Printers to 3D production machines, Proto3000 provides you with the tools to create working models, end-use thermoplastics and rapid prototypes anywhere - from your desktop to your factory floor.

Save time, money and effort through automated processes, powerful technology and streamlined production. Get to market faster with fast and accurate do-it-yourself 3D FDM Printing.



These FDM Printers have a personal touch to them. They fit comfortably on a desktop and can produce items that cater to a small group or professional. Produce models overnight with an essential part of your design team.

It's not just a 3D Printer.
It's an idea engine.


Take product development and product design to the next level with Startasys' Design Series of FDM Printers. Streamline your design cycle today.

The power of prototyping.


Make manufacturing more agile and cost effective with Stratasys' most powerful and largest (sized) series.

Without the line.




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