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Materials for Rubber-Part Testing Applications

Simulate the mechanical function of rubber with our rubber-like materials offered for additive manufacturing solutions. Polyjet Rubber-like materials are simulate standard plastics with an elastic characteristic. The Polyjet Family of rubber-like materials includes TangoGray™, TangoBlack™, TangoPlus™ (amber) and TangoBlackPlus™.

Design your prototypes with taking friction into consideration while using rubber-like materials to simulate rubber surfaces of end-use products. Test your product in-house prior to mass manufacturing. The Connex printing systems are capable of printing multi-materials simultaneously so you can mix and match the Tango materials for best visuals. The Tango family of materials are tear and break resistant and possess tensile strength. Use rubber-like materials to create non-slip surfaces, soft-touch coating, rubber surrounds and overmolds.


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Polyjet Rubber-Like Materials 

The Polyjet Family of rubber-like materials includes TangoGray™, TangoBlack™, TangoPlus™ and TangoBlackPlus™, which have various levels of elastomer characteristics. Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, tensile strength and tear resistance characteristics make the materials suitable for different applications. If you require non-slip or soft surfaces, the Tango materials are the perfect solution. 
Colour Availability

Grey, Black
and Translucent
Polyjet Photopolymer Materials
Polyjet Materials Datasheet
Polyjet Digital Materials Datasheet
Polyjet Materials Selection Guide

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