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Digital Materials 


3D print in more than 100 composite materials with Polyjet 3D printing. Polyjet dual material jetting enables manufacturers to construct more than 100 composite materials. Multi-material 3D printing lets you combine as many as 14 materials simultaneously in the same printing project or print with different materials on the same print tray.

Polyjet Digital materials possess predetermined mechanical properties, different textures and colour tones. Each of the 100plus digital materials are based on the 17 primary polyjet photopolymers. Elastomer and rubber products may be simulated with digital materials, as well, as standard plastics such as engineering grade ABS. 



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Multi-Material Polyjet 3D Printing 

Combine Vero family and the Tango (Rubber-Like) family of materials to create a more durable, and aesthetic multi-material concept models and marketing prototypes. Combine high-temperature and Rubber-Like materials to produce rigid functional materials featuring higher temperature resistance and over-molding. The Polyjet materials offered by Proto3000 are available for multi-material 3D printing with 14 materials printed simultaneously onto one print tray. Choose from more than 100 composite digital materials constructed by our lineup of Stratasys 3D Printers.
  Colour Availability

White, Grey, Blue, Black and Translucent
Polyjet Materials
Data Sheet 
TangoBlackPlus™   VeroWhitePlus™ 
A40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95   GREY 20, 25, 35, 40, 50 and 60 


Polyjet Digital ABS 

Digital ABS is fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535 and is designed to simulate engineering plastics by combining material qualities of durability and high-temperature resistance. Digital ABS is a material which simulates parts that require high-impact resistance and shock-absorption. Digital ABS Materials are ideal for functional prototyping, snap-fit parts for high or low temperature usages, electrical parts, casings, mobile telephone casings and engine parts and covers.
Colour Availability


Polyjet Digital Materials

Combine durable and high quality materials into one prototype for best results. The 100plus material combinations are created based on 17 primary Polyjet Photopolymers. Simulate products made of elastomers and rubber by creating Digital Materials with a Full Shore A scale range (indicates how rigid the digital material is). 
Colour Availability

Black and White

Polyjet Polypropylene 

DurusWhite™, a Polyjet Polypropylene material is ideal for a broad range of applications that require appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness. Properties include Izod notched impact of 44 J/m, elongation at break of 44% and flexural modulus of 1026 MPa.
Colour Availability

Cloudy White
and Light Grey
Polyjet Photopolymer Materials
Polyjet Materials Datasheet
Polyjet Digital Materials Datasheet
Polyjet Materials Selection Guide


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