Using 3D Printing in Higher Education: 3D Printing in STEM programs for higher education

By: April 28 2017
Tags & Topics: Education 3D Printing

MakerBot in Higher Education


Elana Reiser, a Math Professor at St. Joseph’s College in New York is a proud member of our MakerBot Educators program. Using her passion for math and popular culture, she’s authored the book, Teaching Mathematics Using Popular Culture: Strategies for Common Core Instruction from Film and Television.


Using 3D printing technology, Reiser has been able to cultivate excitement in the classroom regarding traditionally complex and daunting math problems. So how exactly can a 3D printer solve college-level math exercises?


Math has always been a core part of academics, yet educators are constantly inventing new formats, curriculums, and teaching styles in order for students to better grasp certain concepts and equations. With the help of her MakerBot, Elena Reiser has developed a new approach towards teaching math using 3D printing technology. Her instructional book is titled 3D Printing in the K-12 Mathematics Classroom: A Beginner’s Guide for Teachers.




Education with MakerBot 3D Printing and its rising role in STEAM education