The complete PolyWorks|Inspector 3D metrology
toolbox for single-point probing.



PolyWorks Inspector Probing V12



Polyworks Inspector Probing V12 boasts best-in-class management of multiple device positions with automatic probed target
matching, target analysis toolbox, bundle adjustment, and temperature compensation.

A Truly Powerful Data-to-CAD Tool

Boasting powerful sets of data-to-CAD alignment techniques, the Probing V12 includes techniques based on probed features,
reference/surface points and surface/cross-sectional best-fit, plus much more.

Industry Leading Variety and Options

Polyworks Inspector V12 has the widest range of comparison and measurement tools on the market. this provides you with a complete
analysis of surface, boundary, and cross-sectional deviations, feature dimensions and GDandT controls, in addition to flush and gap,
profile radius, airfoil dimensions, clearance, thickness, plus much more.

Terrific Features Included with Each License

  • One year of technical support from highly skilled Application Specialists with optional annual renewals
  • Access to InnovMetric’s on-line technical support zone
  • Access to a comprehensive network of partners that provide PolyWorks service work, like macro development and interface customization 


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