From product engineering to manufacturing — a 3D metrology solution to gain control of the entire process



PolyWorks Inspector V12


PolyWorks Inspector™ V12 is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds obtained from 3D sensors and contact probes systems on articulated arms to control the quality of parts and tools at every phase of your manufacturing process. This software uses the scanned prototypes and assembled parts point clouds in order to identify distortions and to solve problems earlier in the production cycle and to approve manufacturing processes through first articles and assembled parts inspection.


PolyWorks Inspector V12 Product Benefits 


Parametric 2D Sketching

It only takes three steps in your creation workflow. It is easy to operate with sketch outline creation by computing a silhouette 
edge, automated compensation for draft angles and standard CAD-like operations to anchor entities.

Easy to Operate Technology

As robust and powerful as Polyworks Inspector V12 is, it is super efficient and simple to use. Simple menus, intuitive drop down
boxes and an all-inclusive support/help network give you confidence in your projects.

Enhanced Curve Design

Designing curves can be a difficult task. That is no the case with Polyworks Inspector V12. New curve mathematical curve
magnetization engines allow users to edit  a curve in a network of patches without losing patch topology data

Integrated DirectReplay™ Remeasurement Technology

Now your projects can be inspected , modified and then directly remeasured - without any setup. Design with confidence while
increasing your ROI and decreasing effort and time.



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