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Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping Services (SLA) Materials  

Stereolithography is one of the most advanced and accurate rapid prototyping technologies, which is most ideal for concept modeling, fit-form-function testing and a variety of molding techniques. In an SLA process, the laser is capable of fusing metal, plastic, glass and ceramic particles into a 3D Printed model. Offering a variety of different coloured materials, SLA is an ideal technology for economical and rapid 3D printing. 

Stereolithography creates high definition and durable prototypes and parts. It is a fast and accurate additive manufacturing technology ideal for rapid production with a positive ROI for every project. Manufacture with extremely precise details with the option for colour-matched painting and texturing services.​



Accura Bluestone for Solid-State SLA

The Accura Bluestone is a durable and stiff nano-composite material. It has high temperature resistance and high humidity resistance capabilities. You can create highly precise parts with the Accura Bluestone material due to the material being exceptionally stiff and with no deformation under heavy loads.
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Use Accura Bluestone for the following applications:
• Wind-tunnel testing for the motor sports and aerospace industries
• Production of CMM inspection and assembly jogs and fixtures
• Covers and enclosures of electrical and mechanical components
• Automotive under-the-hood applications
• Water handling products, such as pump and impeller design or other components

SOMOS® NeXt™  for Functional and End-Use Prototyping 

SOMOS® NeXt™ is a durable Stereolithography resin for accurate part production and fine feature detailing. NeXt™ material features Stereolithography accuracy and sintered-like durability, high feature detail, stiffness, outstanding moisture resistance and easy finishing and processing.


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Use SOMOS ® NeXt™ for the following applications:
• Functional Testing
• Low Volume Manufacturing
• End-use Prototyping
• Packaging
• Manufacturing Sporting Goods 

SOMOS® 18420 for Mimicking Engineering Plastics 

SOMOS® 18420 is an epoxy resin for stereolithography for solid state laser sintering. SOMOS® 18420 is a white liquid ABS-like photopolymer material that produces accurate parts ideal for general purpose applications. It offers superior chemical resistance, a wide processing latitude and outstanding tolerance to a broad range of temperatures and humidities. SOMOS® 18420 is ideal for medical, electronic, aerospace and automotive industries. Create accurate RTV moulds, durable concept models and humidity and temperature tolerant prototypes.


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Use SOMOS ® 18420 for the following applications:
• Functional Prototyping
• Fit and Form Testing
• Fastening and Gluing
• Concept Modeling
• Display Part Finishing 

SOMOS® 9120 for Solid State SLA

SOMOS® 9120 is a robust and highly accurate epoxy resin. Created for Stereolithography, the liquid material offers superior chemical resistance and an excellent tolerance to broad temperatures and humidity range during and after assembly. Parts created with SOMOS® 9120 possess characteristics such as strong memory retention and high quality surfaces. The material becomes rigid and is ideal for master patterns in rubber molding applications.


Colour Availability

Use SOMOS ® 9120 for the following applications:
• Display Part Finishing
• Concept Modeling
• Fastening and Gluing
• Fit and Form Testing

WaterShed® XC 11122 for Solid State SLA

WaterShed® XC 11122 is a low viscosity liquid photopolymer, which produces strong, tough and water resistant ABS-like parts. As a colour-less material, WaterShed® XC has many properties that mimic traditional engineering plastics such as ABS and PBT. It is not only water resistant, it also has a high dimensional stability.

Colour Availability

Translucent with a Transparent Finish

Use WaterShed ® XC 11122 for the following applications:
• Creating lenses and manufacturing packaging supplies
• Water flow analysis
• RTV molding and manufacturing patterns
• Concept modeling
• Wind Tunnel Testing
• Manufacturing Quickcast patterns 



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