Proto3000 offers 3D Engineering Services to help you reach deadlines in a cost effective manner.



3D Engineering Services 

Proto3000 offers cutting edge 3D engineering services. We are your one stop shop for anything in 3D. Our experts have year of experience and are constantly updating their training and knowledge with the latest software and technology.

We understand that sometimes binging in 3D engineering equipment is not a feasible option. Don't worry. We can help you through every step of the process. 

From concept drawings and design to prototyping, 3D laser scanning and even CAD modifications, Proto3000 can help you design the perfect project, at a great price. Don't waste money and time outsourcing to different companies when you can have the all-in-one solution with us.Our service experts will guide you through the whole process and explain each step. Furthermore, our service engineers will follow up with you to ensure the project has reached its full potential. From start to finish, we want our relationship with you to continuously grow.

With such robust 3D technology, it is nice to know there is a human side to the process.

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 3D Printing

We only use the best here at Proto3000. Our 3D Printing lineup features Objet's revolutionary selection of 3D printers. Multi materials needed in one print? No problem




3D Laser Scanning

We know how important the details are. Being off by even the slightest margin can cost you countless time, dollars and effort. get your measurement right the first time. Let our experts use our first class Creaform 3D Laser Scanners to help capture your project and turn it into a CAD file.


3D CAD/CAM/CAE Software

When it comes to CAD software, we have the experts to help you through all phases of your design. From concept illustrations to prototype modification, our experts have years of experience and all the tools to perfect your project for you - digitally.


3D Engineering Service Applications For 3D Printing

Marketing 3D Models

Product Prototype

Living Hinges

New Product Inventions

Sales Tools


3D Engineering Service Applications For 3D Laser Scanning



Non-Destructive Testing Initialization

Digital ModelReconstruction

Pipeline Damage Inspection


3D Engineering Service Applications For 3D CAD/CAM/CAE


Concept Designs

Digital Database Creation

Non-Destructive Testing

Custom Designs





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