Imagine what you could design, create and perfect with some of the most capable 3D Laser Scanning machines available on the market today.



Non-Destructive Testing Equipment 


The Technology

The Creaform Handyscan lines up of 3D laser scanning technology holds a huge potential when it comes to the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. The fact that high accuracy and repeatable data are generated instantly and require no external mechanical devices are assets that will speed up the measurement process and simplify result analysis


What We Use 


  • Pipecheck - An External Corrosion Module
  • UltraVision 3 - Software for Ultrasonic Testing & Phased-Array Inspection by Zetec

HandySCAN 3D Field Pack

Compatible with any HandySCAN 3D laser scanner, the HandySCAN 3D Field Pack is designed for in-the-field scanning, when there is no electrical power source

  • Access remote sites
  • Execute an automated 8 hours of wireless 3D laser scanning
  • No set up or no de/reinstallation - increase productivity and ROI by eliminating wasted efforts, cost and time

 Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing

The Handyscan 3D laser scanners can be transported to any location with ease (1-kg scanner and laptop only). Compared to pit gage techniques, the scanning efficiency of NDT equipment can be up to ten (10) times faster.

You can eliminate the need for bulky scanners as NDT scanners are self-positioned to the pipe being tested. This means that if the pipe vibrates, your scan data will not be affected - the scanner will vibrate WITH the pipe.

Lastly, your experience or skill level with NDT 3D Laser Scanners will not affect your results - the software is easy to use.




Equipment Benefits

  • Automated interaction reduced chances of human error
  • 3D color mapping enhances perception and analysis - including depth, geometries, dimensions and positions for each item
  • You will receive instant result in Microsoft Excel format, including  location (equipped with GPS capabilities)



The HandySCAN 3D Field Pack Includes

  • Dell Latitude E6420 XFR rugged or HP Compaq 8560W notebook with VXelements already installed
  • High-quality mesh vest
  • Rugged nylon harness with adjustable nylon straps and plastic hooks
  • Media Bay 18-volt battery pack with charger
  • Pouches/storage for battery pack and target applicator
  • Padded laptop case and carrying bag for the scanner



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