SLA produces application specific solutions to cater to
   your exact project needs.




A Wide Range of Stereolithography (SLA) Applications


Industry Specific Applications

Stereolithography extends its solution to
many industries as being the best form of prototyping and product analysis.
Specifically, the material selection provides high-temperature and high durability
options for those industries dealing with high product standards. 

Superior Product Evaluation

​With a 3D model in your hands, you can evaluate your product concept for feasibility, manufacturing capability, ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality. 


With SLA rapid prototyping techniques, an endless array of applications is presented to the user. The material selection is the key, and with the current availability of durable and resistant materials, the SLA process has had a part in the development of many of today's engineering marvels. 

Direct Digital Manufacturing

Print your model straight from a CAD file. Industries like the medical, electronic, packaging and defense (to name a few) all use DDM as an SLA application.

Rapid Prototypes/Manufacturing

Design appearance models, proof of concept prototypes, form and fit, design verification, wind tunnel testing (NDT), force testing (gravity, temperature, drops, shock, etc.) all use SLA technologies to rapid prototype their ideas from paper to CAD file to working model. Stereolithography helps you with your product design lifecycle/process.

Injection Molding and Metal Casting

3D Prototypes created by stereolithography 
are now strong enough to be machined and
can be used as master patterns for injection molding and even metal casting processes. Being cost and time effective in comparison to molding and tooling. 

Finishing Possibilities

With the versatility of the end-product, SLA 3D models can be finished in a variety of ways, including, surface coatings, lacquers, nickel plating, laser etching, hand painting, vapor deposition, Epoxy, water based Urethane, dip coatings, and many others. 

Custom Applications, Just For You

  • Rapid Tooling
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Investment Casting Patterns
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Custom Machined inserts
  • And many more...



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