3D Artistic Digital Sculpting

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Reverse Engineering Services - 3D Artistic Digital Sculpting 


3D Artistic Digital Sculpting is the process of prototyping parts that have soft edges, curving, flowing topology and very little or no flat surfaces or corners. Prior to utilizing Reverse Engineering Services, designers and engineers would have to create 3D engineered molds to mass produce their prototypes.  


There are certain designs, which cannot be prototyped with CAD Software. Reverse Engineering Services are then used by companies to create digital files for fast and more accurate mass production. In order to recreate these models, Proto3000 uses a line of 3D Laser Scanners to capture every tiny detail of your design. 


One of the 3D Scanning - Reverse Engineering Services the Proto3000 Team offers is 3D Artistic Digital Sculpting. The Proto3000 Services Team can easily recreate 3D CAD Models by scanning your organic prototypes. 

The process of a 3D Artistic Digital Sculpting Service includes using our line of 3D Laser Scanners to scan the organic parts. After the parts are scanned, the data is imported into 3D Engineering Softwares and turned into CAD files by using  Geomagic Studio 2012, Rapidform XOR and Rapidform XOS.

Interested in Organic 3D Modeling? Please feel free to contact our Reverse Engineering Services TEAM and receive a FREE QUOTE. If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686)

  Positioning Targets are used to help 
 3D Laser Scanners produce 



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