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3D CAD Conversion Services by Proto3000

Take your ideas and concepts from paper to software, we can help you with these simple creations. Let us design for you. Our 3D Engineering Services Team will also be able to create 3D CAD files for you based on simple sketches. Allow our engineers to create accurate and fast 3D CAD files of your imaginative ideas. The CAD files we can create for you will let you visualize and capture your concepts to better communicate it to your clients and target your customers easier. 3D CAD Conversion Services are not only visually appealing but they are creatively designed to cater to scientific expectations and constructions. 

Convert your 2D concept sketches to 3D CAD drawings with ease by the help of the Proto3000 3D Engineering Services Team. 
We will create professional 3D Solid CAD files for your rapid prototyping and 3D printing projects. You don’t have a CAD software to perform 3D Conversions? No Problem. Send us your 2D Drawings with your desired measurements and we will create a 3D CAD file for you. Our 3D Engineering Services Team at Proto3000 are here to convert your electronic files to CAD. 

The following formats are accepted:

  • .STL   
  • IGES(IGS)    
  • STEP    
  • Solidworks    
  • SolidEdge   
  • ACIS   
  • AST    
  • CDI    
  • DXF    
  • ICD    
  • ICS    
  • IDF    
  • IDW  
  • SLDASM   
  • TGZ  
  • X_T   
  • ASM    
  • CATPART   
  • DWG   
  • PRT 






All our clients are unique and have special designing needs. Our CAD Services Team will be happy to provide file conversions depending on specific requirements and applications on a case by case basis. 3D Modeling is an important step and a prerequisite to capture your ideas in a correctly rendered image. Mechanical 3D models can be changed at any time during the design process at a minimal cost, and we offer a free 3D Viewer at no cost to you. Our 3D CAD Modeling services are for mechanical industries that require effective 3D designs for structures or products allowing detailed and exploded views, assemblies and greatly enhanced presentations. The 3D dimensional renderings created provides the best means to evaluate, assess and present in product manuals, technical literature and sales brochures.



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3D CAD Conversion Services Industry Applications 



    Architecture       Automotive


   Consumer Electronics

     Defense      Hearing Aids

  Heritage Preservation

     Machinery      Jewelry



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