Produce fast and reliable measurements with the most accurate portable 3D Laser Scanners on the market today.



3D Laser Scanning Field Work 

How It Works


By going to a part that needs analysis; you can keep the object in its natural environment and still troubleshoot it. A 3D Laser Scanner will scan, for example a pipe, on site, which will allow you to run Non Destructive Testing and analytics on it. This method is both time and cost effective in contrast to tooling, manufacturing or subtractive manufacturing (etc.) and will allow you to continue production while it is being analyzed.


What Proto3000 Provides


Proto3000 offers “Pipecheck.” This is a pioneering, instinctive and ultra efficient alternative to typical Non Destructive Testing methods frequently used in the field. Our in house experts are available to help you through all steps and can accompany you with your field work.




The process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided design (3D CAD) model, and for your object's geometries will enable you a complete digital representation of your part to be used for your reverse engineering efforts, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.

-          Rapid data capture

-          Shortened manufacturing and production cycles

-          Increased manufacturing efficiency

-          Improved product quality

-          Some scanners (like the  HandyScan 3D laser scanner) can be carried onto the work site easily (2 lb. scanner and laptop)

-          The scanner is self-positioned to the object. This eliminates the need for encoders or large scanners to orientate data.

-          Even through vibration, our scanners will produce an accurate, detailed CAD file

-          Results generated quickly – just a few minutes

-          Unparalleled accuracy (within a 50 µm)


Trends, Applications, History and Outlook


Proto3000’s lineup of 3D Laser Scanners produces highly accurate 3D models of the existing parts. Scanning only take a few minutes to complete. The 3D scanning data are fully compatible with the latest 3D engineering software and can be imported to create an accurate 3D CAD model to be used during the inspection’s simulation and product development phases.


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