3D Engineered Prosthetics

3D Engineered Prosthetics

Thanks to a San Fransisco-based company, amputees can now use stylish prosthetics.

Bespoke Innovations changes how people wear and look at prosthetics. Users used to try to hide their prosthetic limb. Now users, like Deborah, are saying “Why are you trying to hide it? Let’s show this thing off.”

According to Bespoke, “Deborah now selects from several Fairings to match her mood or complement her attire. Her Fairings include a set in black lace and chrome, another that suggests fishnet stockings, one appearing as white lace, and still another wrapped with tattooed leather. She now wears skirts at every opportunity to show the world her custom legs.”

This is an innovative spin on a previously stale industry. It is also another example of how 3D laser scanning and 3D engineering are aiding the medical industry.

“Each of our bodies is unique, as are our tastes and styles. Humans are anything but one-size-fits-all, and we want to recognize that fact.”

These 3D printed covers are called “fairings” and let people customize a design to match their expression.

Fairings are created using reverse engineering. First the team 3D laser scans the sound limb, to generate a 3D CAD file. This file is as customized as possible, and is the opposite of a template. Customized prosthetics fit better, are more comfortable and enable users a more favorable experience (compared to a normal prosthetic).

“I love my Fairing because it’s a conversation piece,” said Chad Crittenden, former contestant on CBS’s Survivor. “When I go out, people will tend to ask me about my leg.” Crittenden participated in numerous physical events on Survivor and lives an active lifestyle, playing soccer and many other sports.

“I am a representative for people with disabilities.”

Conversations are changing. People are no longer asking “how did you lose your limb?” Rather, people are intrigued by unique designs and the capabilities of 3D engineering.





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