Stratasys Colour Multi-Material 3D Printing used to Design and Produce Italian Fashion Pieces in hours

Stratasys Colour Multi-Material 3D Printing used to Design and Produce Italian Fashion Pieces in hours

Stratasys Colour Multi-Material 3D Printing used to Design and Produce Italian Fashion Pieces in hours
3D Printing Case – Fashion

3D Printed High Heel Shoes Pink Stratasys Polyjet

The Shoes were 3D printed in VeroClear and VeroMagenta simultaneously, and combining rigid and soft materials, they fully utilized the power of Stratasys’ Connex3 triple-jetting PolyJet 3D Printing technology


3D printing is making serious inroads in fashion design, especially in the design and creation of colored multi-material fashion pieces.

Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani, a leading Italian footwear molds manufacturer, has unveiled an exciting six-piece fashion collection created using Stratasys’ unique triple-jetting Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Production System. This brings innovation to how fashion can be quickly moved from sketch to prototype.


Precision and detail within hours

The 3D printing system’s precision and high level of detail allows unparalleled recreation of designs, patterns and motifs.

Inspired by naturally occurring curves with a futuristic twist, the collection comprises three pairs of shoes, a bag, bracelet and a top – demonstrating the design creativity enabled by Stratasys’ unique triple-jetting technology. Featuring vibrant colors from bright pink to contrasting monochrome, along with complex rigid and soft material combinations, each item was 3D printed in a single build.

This system’s versatility gives designers the ability to create objects within hours as well as test design concepts quickly before considering various colour and finishes. Accessories and fashion pieces can make or break a design collection as well as add impact to the clothes for fashion shows and photo shoots which are critical to the commercial success of fashion lines.

Multi-material shoes created with Poljet photoplymers in Stratasys 3D Printers

Beautiful Multi-material shoes with intricate lattices, complex design and curves,
3D printed in a single build using the Objet500 Connex3 Colour Multi-material
3D Production System


Iterating before production

“3D printing enables us to offer a new line of items to our clients. We can design and 3D print realistic prototypes in a matter of hours and incorporate any required design iterations before starting full production,” explains Elisa Luciani, Sales Manager from Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani. “As we can modify the design and 3D print the revised product the same day, we minimize costs and reduce our turnaround time significantly, while maintaining the highest-quality.”

With durability and highly-detailed aesthetics crucial in the development
of the shoes, Gruppo
Luciani used Stratasys’
triple-jetting technology
to mix materials and colors on-the-fly. One pair of shoes in the collection features several intricate, sharp latticed curves.

According to Luciani, achieving the complexity of the collection could only be realized using Stratasys’ technology: “When designing the shoe we were concerned about the rigidity and resistance of the heels, but the 3D printer’s ability to combine varying densities of rigid and soft material simultaneously, enabled us to manufacture the whole shoe in one print.”

Fashion Top 3D Printed in Rubber and Opaque materials

Using rubber-like materials, the radical top features varying levels of softness where it directly touches the skin in order to mimic comfort, also 3D printed in a single build using the Objet500 Connex3 Colour Multi-material
3D Production System


“Previously it was impossible to produce prototype parts such as boots and bags quickly without making a sample mold. With 3D printing, we can produce high precision prototypes significantly quicker than traditional prototyping allowed,” she adds.


Wearables on tap with Stratasys’ advanced 3D printing

In order to avoid the uncomfortable rigidness typically posed by plastic for their line of wearable accessories, the company chose Stratasys’ flexible rubber-like materials as an alternative. One example, an elaborate 3D printed monochrome top and bracelet. This was produced using a combination of advanced materials, the piece employs dramatic colour contrast to emphasize the erratic curves featured in the centre of the top.

“Our main requirement was to produce a highly-detailed, realistic wearable. Using Stratasys’ materials, we were able to 3D print a top with varying levels of softness that could be worn in direct contact with the skin. The ability to combine rigid and soft materials simultaneously is unique and would have otherwise entailed manual manufacture and individual assembly of each material,” Luciani explains.

According to Luciani utilizing the durability of Stratasys’ rigid opaque VeroBlack material has enabled her design team to create a wearable that can endure everyday use.

3D Printed wearable jewelry



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