3D Printed SnowGlobe

3D Printed SnowGlobe

The 3D Printed SnowGlobe



To commemorate the holidays, and to showcase the synergistic properties of our 2013 expanded 3D printer product line, the Proto3000 Team decided to 3D print a SnowGlobe. 

The SnowGlobe was 3D printed on three different 3D printers, representing three different market capabilities or technologies. Our Objet260 Connex was used to demonstrate Polyjet 3D Printing, in particular the ability to 3D print Clear, to mimic PMMA or plexiglass. The base was 3D printed on our Dimension 1200es utilizing fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology. Finally, our MakerBot 3D Printer was used to 3D print the snowman. 

We started by designing the components of the snowglobe using SolidWorks CAD software and designed the globe with threads to securely screw the lid to the base. 

The next step was to send the files to print. We used different additive processes for the prints to showcase the synergy that the technologies have with one another, and the different material properties that can be achieved. VeroClear to create the clear glass-like globe. VeroWhite for the base too add strength while remaining waterproof, and the Snowman itself was printed on a MakerBot using PLA plastic for speed and finishing.

Once the prints were complete, some finishing is required. support material is washed away using a water jet, and brushes for finer details. The globe is  then sanded down and clear coated to create transparency. The snowman was simply spray painted white, and the eyes and nose were hand painted.  After clearcoating, the parts are ready to go.

Once the printed parts have been finished, the last step is the assembly. The Snowman is glued to the base, a small amount of epoxy is applied to the threads,  and the globe is screwed into the base. through a small hole in the bottom, the globe is filled with water and then plugged to seal the water in.

There you have it, a 3D printed snowglobe. 

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