World’s first Underwater Sony Store relies heavily on 3D Printed Product Displays

World’s first Underwater Sony Store relies heavily on 3D Printed Product Displays

World's First Underwater Sony Store with 3D Printed Product Displays
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Sony’s creative agency, FP7/DXB, built the world’s very first underwater store. The store was only open for three days and located off the coast of The World Islands, Dubai and created to highlight the waterproof qualities of the Sony Xperia line of smartphones and tablets which are waterproof for up to 1.5 meters in depth.

3D Printed Merchandising Displays Sony Underwater Store

Designed as an underwater pod where divers can swim under and emerge to view various products. 

While creating an entire underwater store that requires actually diving in into the water in order to check the goods is quite a feat, what is even more interesting is that Sony used Stratasys machines and ABS thermoplastic solutions to create various 3D printed product displays that resembled very detailed and realistic corals.

Sony wanted customized holders for all their devices within the underwater store. They decided that a creative idea required creative holders which would make a surefire statement to those who pay a visit. 

What better a way to display the various waterproof Xperia devices in an underwater shop than with coral-like holders?

Sony Underwater Store 3D Printed Coral tablet holder


Sony 3D Printing Stratasys

The coral-like holders were all custom made to perfectly fit each Xperia device, holding them securely in place so that they wouldn’t flop over into the sea and wash away. 

Additionally, the holder had to be robust enough to withstand the hazardous salty environment, all the while looking fantastic and attractive.

3D Printed 3D Printing Underwater Sony merchandising displays

Printing with Stratasys machines and ABS thermoplastic, was a great choice with these pieces, as visitor after visitor seemed thoroughly impressed by what they saw, especially once they found out that the holders were all customized via 3D printing.


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