Airtight Performance: 3D Printing with Thermos

Airtight Performance: 3D Printing with Thermos

We can make as many prototypes as we need until we achieve our design goals.” — Shin Matsuyama, Thermos K.K.

The Thermos Company was founded in 1904 as a provider of insulated food and beverage containers. This innovative company is now a household name, with a list of accomplishments such as the first vacuum insulated bottle, under their belt. Intense product research and development has been the driving force behind Thermos’ success. 

“We always think of product development as making something that will change people’s
– Shin Matsuyama, manager of R&D

The term “revolutionary portability” was coined by Matsuyama to describe the evolution of standards in transporting beverages. The goal of the team at thermos is to continue pushing this revolution though design, functionality and ergonomics. The three million Thermos mugs sold last year says they must be doing something right. 

Improving these products requires numerous physical design iterations, and the Thermos team must be able to create prototypes quickly and easily. That’s why Thermos’ state-of-the-art research and development facility In Niigata, Japan, includes two 3D Printing technologies; fused deposition modeling, and polyjet


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