The 2017 San Francisco Skyline Envisioned with 3D Printing

The 2017 San Francisco Skyline Envisioned with 3D Printing

3D Printing Provides Architects with Future
San Francisco Skyline Concept

3D printing for Architects



The largest ever 3D Printed model of the San Francisco skyline was recently introduced by AutoDesk and Steelblue, a creative architectural agency that works on conceptual design and marketing for new development projects. The model was created to visualize the planned skyline in 2017 and covers 115 square blocks of the downtown core. It features nine towars in various stages of development and how completed projects would impact the skyline.

The model was 3D printed on two Objet500 Connex Multi-Material 3D Printers at 30 micron resolution with a scale of 1:1250. The project was 3D printed in different modular components so that future changes to buildings can easily be swapped out without reprinting the entire model. Printing production took two months to complete; each city block took 6 to 18 hours to print depending on size and complexity.


3D Printing Architecture San Francisco Skyline

The above portion of the Skyline was 3D printed in VeroClear transparent photopolymer resin to allow for light penetration

3D Printing for Architects San Francisco Skyline


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