3D Printed Surgical Guides Making a Big Impact on Medical Procedures

3D Printed Surgical Guides Making a Big Impact on Medical Procedures

3D Printed Surgical Guides Offer Precision Solutions for Surgeons
3D Printer Applications



3D printing is making a substantial impact in the health and medical fields, most specifically in creating surgical models of intended  implants prior to surgery. This cuts down on operating room time and overall costs associated with such surgical procedures.

Replica 3DM’s Stratasys 3D Printers, the Objet24 and Objet30 Pro 3D Printers, convert patient CT scans into physical 3D printed models. The materials used and special finishing processes enable surgeons to carry out precise pre-operative planning on the models prior to the actual procedure.


Accurate Models That Help Prepare Surgeons

By providing accurate visualization of anatomy including fragment position, the 3D printed models display important features that cannot always be seen in two dimensional images or which are easily missed when reading scans.

 “Sometimes conceptually and spatially, it’s difficult looking on a computer screen to establish the exact dimensions of the bone that is available to you for surgery,” said Alistair Morton, a surgeon in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the hospital. “So this is one of the areas where having a 3D printed model has revolutionized our surgery.”


Success in Hip Replacement Study

In the case of a hip replacement patient (see above video), The Stratasys 3D printed model shows a spatial loss of bone stock which is not indicated in the X-ray.  This then allowed the creation of a hip component which precisely fit into the patient’s hip socket (acetabulum).

Originally established as a 3D modelling department of Salisbury District Hospital, Replica 3DM has since extended its medical 3D printing capabilities to NHS hospitals across the UK.

Learn more in our two-part video series where we speak with surgeons and medical professionals using 3D printed surgical models.






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