The Value of 3D Printing End-Use-Parts

The Value of 3D Printing End-Use-Parts

The Value of End-Use 3D Printed Parts
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Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant in today’s marketplace however, the traditional processes they use are still typically reliant on expensive tools and long lead-times. As a result, these companies are limited in their ability to respond quickly to market changes.

Discover how FDM is rapidly transforming the way companies worldwide are making their products by viewing our webinar, The Value of FDM End-Use Parts: Who, What, Where, When & Why.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how FDM:

  • Facilitates production at every stage of a product’s life cycle
  • Speeds a product to market
  • Is ideal for low-volume or customized product markets
  • Saves companies like Nova Tech Engineering 89% in time and 97% in costs as compared to traditional production methods

If you’re in engineering, operations or production, don’t miss opportunity to learn how FDM parts are transforming traditional manufacturing.




Normal Headphones

There are many companies pursuing additive manufacturing/3D printing as a means for efficient production. Typically when assessing the use of the technology there a few indicators to look for, the biggest being customization and volume.

Normal, a custom headphone manufacturer in the United States utilizes FDM based Fortus Production 3D Printers to create their end-use product. CEO of Normal, Kaufman believes that the creation of customized products on a mass manufacturing scale can be the basis for a sustainable and profitable business model. Normal is capable of producing a custom earphone from a simple picture taken on a smartphone through the Normal App. In about 48 hours a customer can expect to have their headphones ready.



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