2014 Road Show | Quebec

2014 Road Show | Quebec

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for manufacturing. With new materials, new software, and new machines, 3D Technology has never posed more of a competitive advantage. Join us for our start of 2014 road show to develop an understanding of the opportunities and applications that exist in your business.   Register Now 


Reasons To Attend

  • An opportunity to have your questions answered by our industry and technology experts
  • Take a first-hand look at the new technologies available for 2014
  • Gain insight into how 3D technologies can be used to grow your business, and assist in creating a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Learn design best practices for 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
  • Learn about direct digital manufacturing, and the benefits it poses
  • Breakfast and beverages will be served

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dates & Locations:

Feb 25 – Montreal

Palace Centre De Congrès Convention Centre
1717 Boul Corbusier, Chomedey
​291Laval, Quebec
H7S 2K7



Feb 26 – Quebec City

Centre de Congrès et D'expositions de Lévis 
5700, Rue J.B. Michaud
Lévis, Quebec. 
G6V 0B2






Open House/Question and Answer period


Fortus 3D Production System Seminar: Manufacturing Tools & End-use parts using Direct Digital Manufacturing


Open House/Question and Answer period


Advanced 3D Printing: Polyjet ABS, Overmolding, and Unmatched Material Selection


Open House/Question and Answer period 


Design First: How to Design for Additive Manufacturing


Open House/Question and Answer period

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