3D Laser Scanner Captures Objects from Over a Mile Away

3D Laser Scanner Captures Objects from Over a Mile Away

The impossible just became possible thanks to a laser camera developed by physicists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. 3D laser-scanning has been an existing technology for a while but now 3D laser-scanning at a range of 0.62 miles is within our reach. Researchers are the university were able to develop a scanner possible to detect and receive information over long distances.

In addition to assisting the creation of high-definition 3D object models, the scanner can also be used to observe minute changes. You could use it to measure the movement of rocks, or to watch grass grow. The scanner is also particularly good at identifying objects hidden behind clutter such as foliage.

Its primary use is to scan static, human-made objects, such as vehicles. With some modifications to the image-processing software, the researchers say it could also determine their speed and direction.

The swift technological advancements indicate that there is consistent and unlimited growth in the 3D engineering field.






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