E-retailers are Using 3D Laser Scanners to Solve Fitting Problems

E-retailers are Using 3D Laser Scanners to Solve Fitting Problems

Online shopping has been a growing trend for the past decade and continues to be on the rise. By shopping online, customers are able to save time, compare prices, shop 24/7 and have a larger variety of products to choose from. While online shopping brings many advantages, a major concern for most people are defective items. While e-retailers provides a variety of sizes to consumers, it might not be the perfect fit; which may lead to consumers having to pay extra shipping and handling fees. However, 3D engineering may be the solution for this problem.

With the influx of digitalization in apparel retailing, many e-commerce platforms have started installing 3D body scanners to attract customers to boost their revenue and profitability by helping customers overcome online fitting problems. In a recent interview, founder and CEO of yStats.com, Yucel Yelken said "A recent innovative breakthrough which may have a major influence on e-commerce and m-commerce markets for apparel is development of 3D body scanners to find the right sizes"

Many global retailers including Target, Levi's and Marks and Spencer have launched 3D body scanners on the web portal a year ago. 

“In 3D body scanner, the customers would be scanned with the help of a millimeter wave technology to gather their body’s shape and dimensions data from various points of scale. The collected data would be used by the retailer to create a 3D image of the subject’s body and determine the most common shapes,” said Target in a statement.  

According to Mr. Yelken, online clothing retailers have long tried to convince consumers of the convenience and safety of buying apparel over Internet, which has no fitting rooms to try on the items prior to the purchase, by posting videos with demonstrations and adding products to the websites. To treat this problem, many companies have incorporated 3D scanning with their sales strategy.

Thus, new developments in science and technology have changed the shopping patterns of consumers and it looks like e-tailers may now be able to give tough competition to traditional brick and mortar stores.



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