3D Printing Spreads Its Wings – The Story of Beauty’s Beak

3D Printing Spreads Its Wings – The Story of Beauty’s Beak

Beauty is an American bald eagle from Alaska.

In 2005, she was shot in the face by a hunter, nearly killing her. She managed to survive, however, the upper mandible of her beak was completely obliterated. This exposed her sinuses and made it next to impossible for her to eat, drink and even preen (clean) her feathers.

Beauty was transferred to Birds of Prey Northwest in St. Marines, Idaho for rehabilitation and volunteer care.


Nate Calvin, a mechanical engineer and founder of Kinetic Engineering Group, biologists and volunteers all wanted to help. They used 3D technology to create a new beak for Beauty.

In 2008, after multiple minor adjustments and a two-hour long procedure, beauty was finally fitted with a completely customized, functional beak. Beauty is healthy, happy and can now eat, drink and preen with ease.

It is truly amazing to see 3D printing spread its wings into the animal kingdom. The limits of 3D printing are constantly being expanded. Share your story with us today!



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