5 Benefits of a Connected MakerBot 3D Printing Experience

5 Benefits of a Connected MakerBot 3D Printing Experience

5 Benefits of a Connected MakerBot 3D Printing Experience
3D Printing

MakerBot offers a comprehensive ecosystem for conceptualizing and quickly creating a variety of 3D printed products, tools and solutions. The creative process is more than just making new things. It’s being able to conceptualize and create without compromise. It’s having the ability to expand your project in any direction without any fear or limitation. 3D printing with MakerBot, is more about creative innovation and less about stressing out about problems that need solutions.

Through MakerBot’s uniquely connected ecosystem, everything you need to optimize your 3D print process is a click, a link, or a swipe away. You have the freedom to create, monitor, and share your print through a range of convenient options. MakerBot has connected each part of this experience in a way that you can’t find anywhere else.

1. Connect to the World’s Largest 3D Design Community on Thingiverse

MakerBot Thingiverse CAD Library

You want to create something fun for your classroom, home, or office, but have no clue what to 3D print. Thingiverse, is MakerBot’s open source 3D printing platform, is a great place to find inspiration. With access to over a million designs, it’s easy to discover and create a print that you and others can enjoy. Simply explore Thingiverse, choose your file, download it, and set it up to print on MakerBot Desktop.

Users can can sift through hundreds of designs using MakerBot Desktop or the Thingiverse mobile app. They can find files from their Thingiverse app and save them to their collection. From MakerBot Mobile, they can access the files or add them to a build plate for printing.

Educators looking for projects or prints that can be incorporated into lesson plans will find that MakerBot has tons of content. They can connect with a network of other educators and browse through 3D printing resources and tools for the classroom on Thingiversity. Educators and their students can enter Thingiverse  Challenges and win big prizes. For fun, ready-to- print projects designed for a variety of classes and grade levels, visit the MakerBot Learning page.

2. Design and Customize with MakerBot Apps

MakerBot Customize Apps

From start to finish, there are MakerBot apps available to optimize the 3D printing experience. You can find a design on the Thingiverse Mobile app or transform a physical object into a design with MakerBot Printshop. Once they have settled on a design, they can try the Customizer app in Thingiverse to personalize or modify it. If any issues present themselves, the MakePrintable app can repair any mesh errors in their model. Go on to prepare your model for the print process with custom supports, rafts, and specified slicing all from the MakerBot Desktop app. Once you’re printing, monitor progress with MakerBot Mobile.

When a print is finally complete, they can use the Thingiverse Mobile app to upload photos of their 3D print and share it with others online. All of these apps are free, convenient, and easy to use.

3. Print From Anywhere with MakerBot Mobile

MakerBot Mobile App

Let’s say you’ve got to leave the office for an off-site meeting, but need to present a 3D-printed prototype to your team at the end of the day. Filament’s already loaded in your 3D printer but you just didn’t have time to start the print.

With MakerBot Mobile, all you have to do is select the “Print” option on your phone and your MakerBot 3D printer will begin printing on its own. Using real-time footage from your printer’s on-board camera, MakerBot Mobile helps observe your print from wherever you are. You’ll receive real-time status updates and alerts if any issues arise. You have the option to pause, cancel, or access printer preferences at any time.

4. Stay Updated with the Smart Extruder+

Smart Extruder Plus No one ever wants to be the last to know. That’s why the intelligent, connected sensors in the Smart Extruder+ keep you in the loop, at all times. These smart sensors monitor critical points in the 3D printing process. They send real-time feedback to your MakerBot 3D Printer, MakerBot Desktop, and MakerBot Mobile. This helps keep you informed on how your print is doing, wherever you are. You’ll receive prompt text notifications if there are any issues. With this feedback, you can keep your prints going, and help prevent against long-term clogs, damaging filament jams, and other long-lasting issues.

5. MakerBot Support: Learn the Basics and Keep Your Prints Going

Keep your innovation going at a productive pace with all the helpful tips from MakerBot Support! Get the basics, how-to’s, and the big tips on your MakerBot product to help prevent issues in the future. MakerBot’s support site is designed to be an intuitive resource for common questions, issues, and concerns.

Users can intelligently troubleshoot by answering a series of simple questions specific to their issues that will either lead to a solution or ask you to open up a support case. Either way, they will find the answers they need.

In the learning section, you can get an overview of your chosen topic, complete with fundamentals and step-by- step guides for basic 3D printing processes. You can use this information for context when responding to any MakerBot Mobile notification informing you that needs your attention.

MakerBot Support


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