A Foot Up on Fashion

A Foot Up on Fashion

3D Printing has been known to assist some of the most demanding and robust industries like Military and architecture. But it has recently dipped its toes into the fashion industry – literally.

Continuum Fashion , a US-based design studio, released a lineup of 3D printed shoes on August 29, 2012that aim to continue, "pushing the limits of what is recognizable as a shoe."

The lineup of shoes, titled “strvct,” may appear fragile, but Continuum says the shoes are strong, light, durable, wearable and comfortable. Accessories and fabrics can be added to complete any desired style.


Fashion experts admit while somewhat unorthodox today, 3D printed shoes offer an unprecedented level of customization and help the everyday designer create their own style.

Creating your own completely unique shoe has never been easier or more affordable.


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