Architects are Printing a 3D Empire

Architects are Printing a 3D Empire

This year is the 100th Annual Meeting for the ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of America). On March 1st, Objet hosted a 48-hour, hands-on 3D Printing workshop for Architectural students and professors, at MIT’s campus and Objet's Boston headquarters to mark the occasion.


Working in association with ACSA, ACADIA and MIT, the workshop (called 'Synthetic Landscapes') encouraged participants to "create a unique component that combines with others to create a larger artifact that will be situated within a particular field condition".





The results of the workshop will be showcased at the Boston Park Plaza and formally presented at the 100th ACSA Annual Meeting upon project completion.

"There’s something about the energy in a room where designers and architects are collaborating on a project,” explained Objet Reporter Leah Kaplan.

“During the first day of Objet’s two day ACSA workshop, participants have gone through all of the emotions of working under the pressure of the clock. Initially the room was full of excitement as everyone learned a number of new CAD programs (Rhino, Grasshopper and Weaverbird).”

“STL test files had to be completed and sent to the Objet Connex500 3D Printer for printing. Students and professors had to pick up the pace and start to narrow down their design choices. Eventually everyone got their test files uploaded and printed.

“After holding and examining their 3D Printed test models, most participants quickly adapted their CAD files to reflect their newly found knowledge. The energy in the room was high as everyone got to experience the process of creating multiple design iteration in rapid time – something that's truly unique to 3D printing.

“The afternoon was spent collaborating on the final model designs. Teams worked together after being assigned a plot on the field map (as shown in the top photo). Seeing the layout of the digital landscape helped to visualize the final project and moved the design process along. By the end of the night, which was around 10:30 pm, all of the participants had their STL file approved for 3D printing."





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