Objet Always Leaves Its Customers Satisfied

Objet Always Leaves Its Customers Satisfied


​For the third straight year, Objet has commenced their worldwide customer service survey.

In order to monitor feedback and address improvements, Objet dispatched customer service teams based on customer responses.

Using last year’s survey as a base, Objet employed over 120 key performance indicators (KPI’s) within the new survey. Each KPI helps Proto3000 adapt to an ever-growing product development market, which allows it to continue to be the innovative leader in rapid prototyping and 3D printing.


“Placing our customers’ satisfaction at the top of our priorities is part of our commitment to ensuring they enjoy the highest value from our offering,” said David Reis, CEO of Objet. “Our annual customer survey allows us to better address customers’ needs, which we trust will provide valuable benefits to future customers as well.”


Customers consistently value Objet’s ability to listen and implement improvements based on their input. Overall, customer’s general satisfaction was rated either “high” or “very high” just fewer than 80 per cent of the time. Regarding a customer’s recommendation probability, just over 75 per cent of customers had a “high” or “very high” likelihood to do so. Also, service delivery and product offering continues to rank highly among customers.

From the previous survey, the percentage of customers rating installation and training with the highest possible score increased by over 20 per cent.

 “We encourage all our customers to complete the 2011 Survey as it’s a powerful opportunity for them to be heard and for us to listen attentively to their requests,” said Reis.





About Us

Here at Proto3000, we offer you any various 3D Engineering Solutions. We serve any North American location. Our services include: 3D Engineering Design, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering solutions and services. Through each of these services, our first priority is maintaining professional customer service. Each of our professionals maintains a high level of expertise to ensure success, a friendly experience and high quality service.

Our team of Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Technologists use the latest and greatest 3D Engineering Software. This allows us to be innovative, strategic and adaptable. Our passion is evident in all our work and we are relentless and talented at what we do. Our competitive prices combined with industry leading and latest technology never fail to deliver success and quality to our clients. By creating prototypes quickly, you will not only save great amounts of time, but you will be able to alter your design to remove flaws. Our ready-to-use, durable prototypes will help save you money during the research and development stage of any project.



Our mission is to help develop world-class, industry leading products. We can take any idea and apply our expertise and extensive research and development to create and enhance products sold worldwide.



Using our creativity, we want to help pioneer ideas and perfect prototypes for our customers. By being diverse in all aspects of our business, we are committed to enhancing your experience in any way. Our industry leading design, technology and capabilities allow us to best serve you. We want to continue to lead the design and prototype industry while creating new solutions and improving old ones.



Our ultimate measure of success is customer satisfaction. Recent surveys show our aptitude, dedication and success in this category. Our devotion leads us to go above and beyond customer expectations as we value reliability and confidence in our services. As a member of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, as well as the Vaughan Chambers of Commerce, we receive acclamation from all across North America.



Quality is at the core of our growing reputation. As individuals and as a corporation, we expect excellence. Determination is an essential requirement for our success. We are devoted to continued progress in all aspects of our operation.

Your satisfaction is necessary to our success. Our goal is to provide you with the best level of customer service, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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