3D Laser Scanning Helps Put Your Best Foot Forward

3D Laser Scanning Helps Put Your Best Foot Forward

3D laser scanning can now be used to customize support devices for humans.

Physical rehabilitation services, and specifically, orthopaedic rehabilitation, have recently started to employ laser scanners to help create truly custom fitted rehab devices. 

A simple scan will create a STL and CAD file of your foot, which allows its user to receive the most unique and custom orthotic insert. According to Larry Carlberg, GKS ,“3D laser scanning, which can produce a fast, precise CAD model of whatever body part is affected, ensuring that the orthopaedic devices professionals use with their patients are customized to prevent further injury or misalignment and promote comfort and compliance.”

Every body part on each individual is unique and different. It makes no sense to have uniform, standard rehabilitative devices that are designed to fit everyone, yet no one in particular. Because the laser scanning process is a non-contact procedure, there is no risk of additional injury during the fitting or scanning periods.

This revolutionary 3D laser scanner and software greatly improves rehab device (including prosthetics) manufacturing process, appearance and motion. Replacement parts, additional copies and training programs can also be created using Proto3000’s 3D engineering solutions.

Rapid prototyping has worked its way into the custom rehabilitation device (and orthotic) industry, helping you put your best foot forward.




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