Need a Ride? Just Hit Print!

Need a Ride? Just Hit Print!


In the last year, there have been many advances due to 3D printing and 3D laser scanning. Movie costume suits, bathing suits, clothes and custom face masks are all now able to be printed through an additive process, layer by layer, using Connex 3D printers.


Add cars to that list.


A 3D printing company has recently released the first ever working car that was – you guessed it – printed one layer at a time. All vehicle body parts of the car were printed in 3D .


The two seat car, labelled Urbee, has a fuel consumption rate of 1.17 L per 100 km (200 mpg at highway speeds). Deemed “affordable”, this hybrid designed by Kor Ecologic hopes to revolutionize this growing car industry. 


Using 3D post printing technology, Kor Ecologic was able to customize the glossy finish of their prototype. To create an aerodynamic design, the company used smaller 3D prototypes, and with reverse engineering, the perfect prototype was printed. The car only stands 40” tall to reduce drag and increase aerodynamics.


Weighing in at over 1,200 pounds, the Urbee weighs less than half of a normal car and can reach speeds of over 120km/h. It has taken around 10 years to develop the current model and the team has reportedly invested over $750,000 in the project.


Experts at Proto3000 estimate their Connex500 printer could print the necessary materials in roughly just over a month.


So when you’re stuck with the problem of needing a ride? Just print one and go!


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