3D Printing Puts its Best Foot Forward

3D Printing Puts its Best Foot Forward

The shoe fanatics of this world would most certainly have heard the name Marloes ten Bhomer. Bhomer’s shoe designs uphold an air of uniqueness, often both provocative and stimulating, leading to the impression of her concepts being out of this world. Bhomer’s shoes incorporate an infusion of art and technology; both of which are used in the experimentation of designs in her shoe production. Her work has been displayed in many of the museums and galleries all over the world and her lectures about the design process are influential for the next generation of shoe makers. She is consistently challenged by the commissions requsted by private clients and galleries all over the world.

The shoe which you see here is a design which was transformed into a wearable shoe with the help of the Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D printing system. This prototype of the shoe took 22 hours to print and was built using 16 micron layers. These layers combine together Objet materials; the Tango Black Plus material which is quite rubber like in its texture and the Vero Black material which is quite rigid in terms of its texture and feel. The capacity of the 3D machine to combine the two materials led to the development of the shoe and its strong design can easily fit any foot comfortably.

This shoe in the picture is somewhat an example of ‘true product realism’ as it has the capability of combining these two materials which it is made of. The different materials are very unique to Objet in terms of its 3D printing. The reason why it is an example of ‘true product realism’ is because it has the ability to replicate the feel, look and function of a product which is complex in naturexand which has been made by assembling many materials and parts. Apart from this, other shoe designs which have been made with the help of Objet technology is an Adidas AG. The Objet technology was used to not only build but also to test the design of the shoe.

3D printing is something which has been in existence for a very long time. However for people to be able to make use of this printing to make something worthwhile has still not taken place. People believe that the only thing which has been made with the help of this technology so far are chairs and plastic tools which have not exactly been of great help. However it is due to designers like Bhomer and others such as Naim Jousefi who have made things with the help of rapid prototyping and 3D printing which has been useful and which people have actually been able to wear. One example of this is shoes. Shoes are definitely an example of rapid prototyping which has been done in the correct manner.

Bhomer is certainly very unique in terms of her minimalist and futuristic design of shoes. Her shoe designs are very different from what we would normally see in the market but this is what makes her work so unique and different.


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