Timberland Uses 3D Printing to Revolutionize the Footwear Manufacturing Process

Timberland Uses 3D Printing to Revolutionize the Footwear Manufacturing Process

Timberland revolutionized the shoe manufacturing industry back in the 1960’s when they introduced injection molding – fusing soles to leather uppers without stitching.


The latest innovation from the company is taking place behind the scenes: Timberland is using 3D reverse engineering technology from Geomagic for optimal footwear customization, quicker time to market, more reliable quality and manufacturing that uses significantly less money and creates less waste. 


Timberland now uses reverse engineering and 3D printing and scanning software to  create more customized mould that are more efficient in every step of the manufacturing process. This transition has occurred over the last two years and Timberland is not looking back.

Since shoes were first made, they have had a generic form that they have used. These approximations have estimated and generalized the shape of the human foot. While companies have numerous versions of these moulds that vary from sports to construction (Timberland has over 120), they are not unique to each user.


 “We can now visualize a last (mould) before it is used to make a shoe, and if needed, create a rapid physical prototype within three-to-four hours for a design and engineering review,” says Terry Anderson, a Timberland mould engineer. “Material waste has been drastically reduced, and we've eliminated the chemical fillers we used for sculpting new shapes.” 


Using a 3D laser scanner they scan existing moulds and, using reverse engineering and 3D Printers, they can alter any mould after roughly 20 minutes of scanning. We offer numerous Objet products for any of your 3D engineering solutions, including 3D laser scanners and 3D printers.

“Geomagic software provides a lot of features that automate and speed up the process,” says Doug Maughan, a 3D technology specialist in Timberland's global footwear development department. “Two examples are ' select by edge length' and ' select by curvature'.”

 Once a CAD file is made, the possibilities are endless. Only your imagination can stop you from designing any custom design for a shoe mould.

“Timberland is an iconic brand that is using Geomagic to fulfill the vision of mass customization,” says Ping Fu, president and CEO of Geomagic. “It's not a black-and-brown shoe world anymore. Timberland is blending technology and design to make authentic products tailored to specific tastes and different local cultures around the world. That's the future of manufacturing in the 21st century.”



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