New 3D Printed Cocoon Lamp is Ready For Use

New 3D Printed Cocoon Lamp is Ready For Use


These photographs of an innovative new Cocoon Lamp are courtesy of the lamp's creator Patric Günther, of Voxel Studio.


Inspired by Neri Oxman's "the beast" (pictured left), Objet has printed a Cocoon Lamp on their Connex multi-material 3D printer.

The lamp is composed of three materials:

1) The Objet VeroWhitePlus – This is a hard, durable, white and opaque material. This material is perfect for creating the core of the cocoon lamp. A CAD file of spun threads which weave a protective mesh around the inner

 light source was printed from this material. 

2) The next material is the Objet TangoBlackPlus. This is a flexible, rubber-like black material. It is used to create the soft “grip-like” portions of the lamp – both on the surface of the inner cocoon's white “silk” work and also as the support form across the outer grey edge of the surrounding portion. 

3) Lastly, the grey material of the outer enclosing form itself is a 'Digital Material' unique to the Objet Connex 3D printer. It's formed by concurrently jetting a mixture of the VeroWhitePlus and TangoBlackPlus to produce a half-way 'composite' – featuring both the strength and flexibility of its parent materials. 

The 3 different materials are seamlessly printed to create the different parts that become the final lamp.

While the cocoon lamp features a total of 3 materials – it's of note that the Objet Connex 3D printer can produce a model or prototype with up to 14 different material 'composites' combined.


How it was Printed


Step 1: The Cocoon Lamp CAD design is exported to the Objet Studio where it is positioned on the Objet printer's build tray for printing




 Step 2: Hit Print!





Step 3: Remove the Cocoon Lamp from the build tray and wash away any support material:





Step 4: Let the Light Emerge From Your Cocoon Lamp!







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