An Overview of Overmolding

An Overview of Overmolding

By moulding two or more materials (typically a rigid plastic and a rubber-like elastomer) together, a non-slip, soft touch surface is produced, which is common on everyday products like toothbrushes, power tools, medical devices, razors, and consumer electronics. This process, known as overmolding, offers a unique feel and look for consumer products like those listed above. 

An overmolded piece is first created with the molding of a rigid, thermoplastic substrate. This substrate is molded to a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and through either multi-shot or insert molding, these two are connected. Multi-shot molding allows the TPE to become overmolded instantly after the molding of the substrate.

It accomplishes this by spraying numerous materials in a single procedure on an injection molding press. Insert molding, on the other hand, is a two-step procedure. After the rigid substrate is molded, it is positioned in a mold cavity on a separate injection molding machine and TPE is sprayed directly over the substrate. 

Which method is selected varies with differing factors, which include: part designs, tooling costs and production volumes. To overcome issues that surface when designing an overmolded product, companies depend on a number of differing prototyping methods. 

Method 1: Prototype Injection Molds 

Taking 3-8 weeks to complete and with a cost ranging between $6,000 and $50,000 (depending on size and detail), prototype injection mold is the ideal rapid prototyping method. Although it is costly and time consuming, the final overmolded prototype boasts the same qualities as the final product. 

Method 2: RTV Molds 

Costing $1,000 to $5,000 and taking usually 1-3 weeks to complete, the RTV molding process uses one compound to form the base constituent and a separate, different compound for the overmolded area. Each of these molds demands a cast for the liquid silicone rubber to be poured into. 

Why Connex?

Over the last five years the Connex 3D Printing Systems has separated itself from the competition using its truly unique technology and capabilities. “Jetting” multiple compounds allows for overmolding in one simple building procedure. Using industry leading technology also allows each model to be created with unparalleled quickness, accuracy and affordability. It is quickly replacing both RTV and injection molding in rapidly producing prototypes.

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