3D Technologies Integrating into Everyday Life

3D Technologies Integrating into Everyday Life

Focusing on 3D printing today!

Due to the industry of 3D printing still being new and innovative, people are still unsure as to where this particular industry is headed. No one is certain as to how the technology will be able to influence everyday life.

Should personal manufacturing be considered a dream?

One of the very recent ideas which have been floating around is that of personal manufacturing. This consists of consumers creating items of need on their own from their personal desktops. With every individual having a 3D printer at home, the global market’s nature would then evolve from one of being globally interdependent to one which resembles an agrarian society in which people are self sufficient. The one major problem with this kind of society is that it seems quite far in the future. 3D printing however still has not reached a stage where it can fulfill the range of the various roles of manufacturing cheaply or in an effective manner. It still has not been made practical enough to be used by every individual in the household.

The Many Challenges of Mass Customization

Another idea which has rapidly gained popularity is that of mass customization or product personalization as it is also sometimes known. In industries such as clothing (Levi’s) and sports goods (for example personalized clubs), the market of mass customization is one which has emerged due to the changes which have taken place in the lives of many individuals. On the one hand, the market is being driven by people who are demanding more goods whereas on the other hand mass customization is seen as one of the responses to the increase in the amount of global competition. In global competition, manufacturers are willing to do anything to ensure that their markets keep increasing and their consumers keep coming back for more of their goods.

However for mass customization to become a major part of tomorrow’s society, there are many challenges which it will have to face. There are certain social and psychological barriers which will have to be overcome in order for mass customization to become mainstream.

3D printing actually making a difference

Today, many countries are facing challenges to their economy. Pundits like Peter Schiff believe that the problem which economies are facing is due to a low amount of real productive output. Basically, economies are unable to produce or for that matter sell enough products. And the products which they do make are not of a good quality or of a high standard to compete in a market.

3D printing can really make a difference in today’s world as it is a tool which can be used to deliver a turnaround from designing to that of production. It is all about the cost to quality ratio of the product. Its technology is good enough to be representative of a realistic way of testing as well as modeling innovative products. It is a technology which is definitely going to last and may become mainstream in the very near future for sure.


About Us

Here at Proto3000, we offer you any various 3D Engineering Solutions. We serve any North American location. Our services include: 3D Engineering Design, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering solutions and services. Through each of these services, our first priority is maintaining professional customer service. Each of our professionals maintains a high level of expertise to ensure success, a friendly experience and high quality service.

Our team of Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Technologists use the latest and greatest 3D Engineering Software. This allows us to be innovative, strategic and adaptable. Our passion is evident in all our work and we are relentless and talented at what we do. Our competitive prices combined with industry leading and latest technology never fail to deliver success and quality to our clients. By creating prototypes quickly, you will not only save great amounts of time, but you will be able to alter your design to remove flaws. Our ready-to-use, durable prototypes will help save you money during the research and development stage of any project.



Our mission is to help develop world-class, industry leading products. We can take any idea and apply our expertise and extensive research and development to create and enhance products sold worldwide.



Using our creativity, we want to help pioneer ideas and perfect prototypes for our customers. By being diverse in all aspects of our business, we are committed to enhancing your experience in any way. Our industry leading design, technology and capabilities allow us to best serve you. We want to continue to lead the design and prototype industry while creating new solutions and improving old ones.



Our ultimate measure of success is customer satisfaction. Recent surveys show our aptitude, dedication and success in this category. Our devotion leads us to go above and beyond customer expectations as we value reliability and confidence in our services. As a member of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, as well as the Vaughan Chambers of Commerce, we receive acclamation from all across North America.



Quality is at the core of our growing reputation. As individuals and as a corporation, we expect excellence. Determination is an essential requirement for our success. We are devoted to continued progress in all aspects of our operation.

Your satisfaction is necessary to our success. Our goal is to provide you with the best level of customer service, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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