Dutch Architecture is Printed in 3D

Dutch Architecture is Printed in 3D

As featured on BBC News, architects in Netherlands are 3D printing a house.
Last year, if you remember, we talked about how NASA wants to 3D print structures on the surface of the moon.

Rather than using bricks and mortar, Amsterdam-based Dus Architects is planning to 3D print a custom canal house in the Dutch capital.

According to the BBC, “That dream is still beyond our reach, but several teams of architects across the globe are engaged in efforts to take a major step towards it by creating the world's first 3D-printed homes.”


"We are makers at heart and a 3D printer offers us a DIY kit," said architect Hedwig Heinsman.
Heinsman said you might notice a change in the aesthetic of the building as your eyes travel up it.

"The top part of the facade will be the most beautifully ornamented because by then we will have perfected our knowledge of how the printer works.”

It might seem like a science fiction project right now, but in due time, with the advancement of 3D technologies, large-scale projects like this will become the norm. 3D engineering has its fingerprints all over manufacturing and many other industries.

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