Man Creates Engagement Ring that Glows Whenever He’s Near

Man Creates Engagement Ring that Glows Whenever He’s Near

Men who are planning to propose soon, I suggest you don’t show this article to your significant other. After months of designing the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend, Ben Kokes, inventor living in San Francisco, was able to create a ring which glows every time he came near.

The process began in January, when Kokes wanted to express his love for his girlfriend Julie through a ring. However being an inventor, Kokes wanted to push boundaries and create a ring rather than the traditional way, buying it from a store. He eventually came up with the perfect idea, creating a ring which would light up whenever he was close.

Although a glowing ring sounds like such a simple concept, this idea was never pursued before; Kokes needed to find a way to create a ring, thus started the months of research and prototyping in a nearby machine shop.

After 9 failed prototypes, Kokes finally managed to get a successful prototype. Inside the ring is an embedded LED and copper coil assembly. When the coil is within proximity with an alternating magnetic field, which is contained inside a bracelet he built, the ring lights up.

When the final version was finished, Kokes proposed to his girlfriend; as he placed the ring on her finger, the ring’s LEG activated and produced a glow. Kokes says the original plan was to use the ring to present it to his girlfriend and to pick out something more permanent the next day but due to the originality and uniqueness of the ring, she insists the ring to be permanent.

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