Every Fridge Has a Story

Every Fridge Has a Story


A model of a red Ford Mustang sits on one of the shelves of Whirlpool’s newest designers.

Before joining Whirlpool as the chief home-appliance designer, Patrick Schiavone oversaw Ford North America’s car designs for many years. He was credited with the design of the iconic 1994 Ford Mustang and the eleventh-generation Ford F-150 – the best selling truck in the world.
After shopping for a sofa one day, Schiavone decided to drape the company’s next refrigerator model in an unorthodox material: leather.
Once he joined Whirlpool, Schiavone began to wonder if a refrigerator would look good in leather. He had his team design and construct a 3D Prototype. This was the beginning of a new design direction for Whirlpool which has transformed the previously known 'white industry'. New fridges have a much more consumer-oriented approach, based upon a crisp yet sophisticated European design.
This is a stretch, honestly," said Schiavone as he presented the prototype at Whirlpool's headquarters in Michigan. "When I first showed this to everybody around here, people said, 'Oh. New guy. Nutty.'"
Schiavone begins by sketching his ideas and then creating a computer rendering. In most cases, the next step is to send these designs to their Objet 3D Printer which quickly prints out accurate 3D Prototypes for Partick and his team to assess.
Schiavone is starting with a more reserved adjustment. In the coming months Whirlpool will introduce one of Schiavone's first major designs—a new kitchen-appliance line known as “White Ice” and “Black Ice.” Schiavone was inspired by a trend he noticed: cars, watches, cell phones and furniture using metallic details on backgrounds of black or white.
On another shelf sits an off-amber Brastemp Retro mini-refrigerator, with stylish slanted chrome legs and a rounded chrome handle, a product made by the Brazilian branch of Whirlpool.
"I absolutely fell in love with it," he said. "It doesn't have to be a box," he said. "It can be a story.”
Who knew fridges could speak so well?




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