3D Printing For Father’s Day

3D Printing For Father’s Day

Power tools? He has ‘em. A new tie? Boring. A cool coffee mug? Can a coffee mug be cool?

Father’s day is fast approaching (June 16). This year is the year you can make him a customized, one-of-a-kind gift. With our 3D printing services you can turn a drawing into a working 3D model. We take concept drawings and can turn them into reality.

First we take your concept drawing and turn it into a computer-aided-design (CAD) file that can be edited and manipulated using our reverse engineering software. Once we prepare the file, we send it over to one of our 3D printers (which depends on the material that you want printed) and layer-by-layer we build up your custom model.

In the past we have 3D printed custom jewelry, cell phone cases, movie paraphernalia, custom designed motor cycles, working music records and even a tangible version of your unborn child (with the help of medical scans).

Footwear and fashion have also been 3D printed before!

How about a gift from your toddler? Well they can 3D print now, too. Thanks to Hyrel, machines can now 3D print with Play-Doh. Their 3D printer which allows you to create models using Play-Doh, Silicone and Plasticine. While using these materials do not provide the same quality as the ones provided in professional 3D prints, Hyrel adds to the variety of materials for people who use personal 3D printers. However the 3D printer is not only limited to children to play with, the reusability of Play-Doh means, regardless of age, one is able to experiment and prototype without the fear of large material bills and waste of plastic.

According to Matthew Humphries of geek.com, “There are several big advantages to using such materials (Humphries is referring to using Plasticine, Play-Doh, Silicone RTV, and air-dry modeling clay). As well as being reusable and therefore saving on the cost of printing, the materials are non-toxic and printing is carried out at room temperature. No heat and non-toxic materials means the Hyrel 3D printers and the EM01 extruder are a perfect combination for schools and children to play with.”

3D printing used to be a technology reserved for only companies with deep pockets. With smaller 3D printers targeted specifically for individual users, the possibilities of 3D printing are finally opening up!

And remember – there’s no better way to say “#1 Dad” than with a one-of-a-kind, totally unique gift!



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