May’s Featured Product: Google Glass

May’s Featured Product: Google Glass

This month’s featured product is Google Glass, the revolutionary wearable computer invented by Google. Featuring a 640 x 360 display, a built in camera that can film 720p, 24 hour battery life and 16 GB of built in flash memory, there is no doubt that Google Glasses will be a hit. 


Other impressive features include the ability to translate into different languages, acquire directions, send instant messages and record pictures and videos. Arguably the most innovative feature is the ability to “Hangout”, and show other users exactly what you are seeing through video messaging. There are several applications already built for Google Glass, including Facebook, Twitter, Weather and News updates which can be accessed instantly.

Users can use the technology by saying “Okay Glass” and speaking their demands or by touching the side bar, where they can conveniently scroll through their options. Before releasing it to the mass market, Google released an Explorer version of Google Glass, where internet users had to compete by posting on Google+ or Twitter with the hashtag #ifihadglass explaining what they would do if they had Google Glasses. Winners were then able to purchase the product for $1500. It is expected that by the end of 2013 or early 2014 a cheaper model will hit the mainstream market. Will you purchase Google Glasses? Can you think of any exciting applications for this product?




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