3D Engineering Fuels Increased Turnaround Times

3D Engineering Fuels Increased Turnaround Times

It is a big week in the technology industry to say the least.

With both Apple and Microsoft hosting significant events or releasing new products, research and development efforts have been increasing at a feverish pace.

Earlier this week, we saw Apple host a press conference regarding their new iPad. While, later this week, Microsoft will launch Windows 8 and release the new Microsoft Surface tablet on October 25 and 26, respectively.

With great innovation and increasingly efficient turnaround times, one can be left wondering, “how do companies have such fast turnaround times between new products?”

The largest companies leveraged their technology through rapid prototyping. The products development cycle has never been as streamlined as it is now – allowing for technology giants and smaller counterparts to develop, test and release new products in an unprecedented timeframe.

With 3D printers, you can do the same.

“For this reason Objet’s 3D printing systems represent the perfect fit. They enable labs such as Oratio to continue delivering specialist products to market while, at the same time, even broadening their range of services with new, value-added offerings,” said Avi Cohen, head of medical solutions at Objet Geometries.

“Business growth followed immediately after we installed the Objet 3D Printer. We increased our productivity and as a result we can provide new and better solutions,” agreed Siebe van der Zel, Chief Operating Officer of Oratio (dental industry).

3D Printing is one of the final stages of research and development, and can produce a working, moving, fully operational 3D prototype. Prior to this, a CAD file can be generated manually on a computer (with software) or through a 3D laser scan.

It is no wonder how companies continue to shave precious time off turnaround times and maintain competitive advantages.

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