3D Printing Fear into a Man of Steel

3D Printing Fear into a Man of Steel

Everyone knows his weakness – his only flaw. But that didn't stop us!

With the latest Superman movie – Man Of Steel coming to theatres on June 14, we decided to put a 3D spin on it!

We all know 3D printing can be used for many things (like helping Emma regain movement in her arms, replacing a bald eagle's beak and in Olympic medal designs), however, more recently, the film industry has begun using 3D printing to provide their audience with a more realistic and memorable experience.



Earlier this year, we talked about how James Bond's Skyfall, along with Iron Man, used 3D printing to help increase production levels and use a more feasible method for previously expensive scenes.

We decided to 3D print a crystal that resembles Superman's infamous weakness – Kryptonite.

As shown in the video, we illustrate the step-by-step process of how to create this wonderful model.

Remember that 3D printing can be used for more than just prototyping. Custom parts, artistic models and end-use parts are all a part of what you can build in 3D.




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