3D Printing is Under Microsoft’s Surface

3D Printing is Under Microsoft’s Surface

With 3D printing's move into the mainstream over the last year, we are learning of a growing number of companies using the technology.

Count Microsoft as one of the innovative companies using 3D printers to help with product development. Earlier this year, we talked about how Microsoft already uses 3D printers to help reduce product time inside their model shop. Today, the Verge talked about their latest product to be aided by 3D printing.

With the growth of tablet and laptop technology, Microsoft had to create something that didn’t exist.

Companies used to shy away from sharing their product development equipment – in this case a 3D printer. Today, companies are eager to share that they are using the latest technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

“There were no accidents in this device,” said general manager for the Surface, Panos Panay.

“Every feature on the Surface seems to be the result of countless meetings, iterations, and refinements,” said Verge journalist David Pierce. “Engineers and designers are able to craft and produce a new model in only a couple of hours, and have clearly used that power liberally.”
Pierce saw the 3D printers used to create the over 300 prototypes of the final product. Using Stratasys/Objet 3D PolyJet technology, Microsoft was able to rapid prototype as many variations as they needed to finalize product design.



At 1:15 of the video above, you can see an Objet Connex500 hard at work producing a prototype for testing.

With PolyJet technology, users are able to 3D print multiple materials in a single build. They are also able to print living parts – that is they are able to print hinges and moving elements, still in one print.

This allows designers to easily edit and print many different iterations and refinements that come after countless design meetings.

The Surface has over 200 unique elements, showing how the technology giant caters every part to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable consumer experience.

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Below you can see the model shop and how Microsoft has used 3D printers in the past!





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