Windows 3D Builder App for Makerbot

Windows 3D Builder App for Makerbot

3D Builder in the newest support product for the world of 3D printing. Developed by Microsoft for Windows 8.1-ready 3D printers, the app promises to further streamline the 3D printing process. 

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3D Builder is a fun, easy to use, free app for Windows 8.1 that helps you turn digital objects into physical ones and explore the exciting world of 3D printing. It also includes a library of example 3D objects to get you started.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or new to the world of 3D printing, 3D Builder is fun for Makers of all ages.

Windows Builder Highlights

  • 3D Print models with "one touch"
  • View and prepare objects for 3D printing on Windows 8.1-ready devices
  • Load STL, OBJ, or 3MF files from disk
  • Includes a Library of 3D objects to explore and print
  • Scale, rotate and arrange objects with an intuitive touch interface


Windows Builder Compatible 3D Printers

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