Montreal Accueille Proto3000! | Montreal Welcomes Proto3000!

Montreal Accueille Proto3000! | Montreal Welcomes Proto3000!

Proto3000 announces it has opened an office in Montréal.

Thanks to the strong market share in Quebec, Proto3000 has opened an office in Montréal. Their second office location allows the 3D engineering firm to better serve customers in Eastern Canada, through support, market responsiveness, and localized educational material. With this expansion, new members have been added to the Proto3000 team, addressing both language and distance barriers. Their bilingual staff brings with them the ability to offer French technical support for 3D printers as well as their full line-up of 3D engineering products.



“We are so excited about adding a flagship in Montréal especially since we already have partners, and customers in Quebec,” said John Frangella, director of business and marketing. “There is great potential in Quebec and further east, filled with innovative business people coming from a wide range of industries – from medical to consumer products.”

“The most exciting thing for us is the ability to provide better support to our clients out in Quebec and eastern Canada as well as facilitate new ones,” said Eyal Geiger, director of engineering and sales.

Newly appointed regional director, Spiro Menoutis, brings with him over 15 years of experience in the product lifecycle management (PLM), computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing industries.

"I’m very excited for this opportunity as an individual and for the company. Being able to connect with the local community for better support and have a local presence with our native language will address the increasing demand in Eastern Canada," said Menoutis.

“He is here to inspire our eastern market and we are excited with this new opportunity to introduce the equipment and tools to the people who are behind the scenes,” said Frangella, who is originally from Montréal.

With this past year’s success, Proto3000 has credited their clients with the support that was necessary to expand business relations. Their loyalty and commitment to Proto3000’s business and staff has placed the 3D engineering firm at the forefront of digital manufacturing, 3D engineering, and digital dentistry in Canada. In a press release, the company said, “We are grateful for this growth opportunity, and look forward to further developing our solution relationships and portfolio.”





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