Music Gets Printed in 3D

Music Gets Printed in 3D

Count music as another industry 3D Printing has influenced.

Some people prefer the sound of a vintage crackle on an old record album spinning its way around. Music records can now be 3D Printed.

With Objet’s 16-micron 3D Printing accuracy, every last detail of a vinyl record can be reproduced in a much more durable form.

(3D Printed) records are pretty sturdy, so you don’t have to worry  too much about damaging them,” said Amanda Ghassaei of, as she cleaned off support material from a freshly 3D Printed record.

The process starts with a 3D CAD file that can be edited to produce any sound. The sound is determined by the shape and depth of each precise groove in the material.
Ghassaei uses an Objet Connex500, which is capable of multi-material 3D Printing, to print her record with supreme accuracy.

“Each groove on this record is a little bit different than a groove on a vinyl record. Each groove is about ten times wider and ten times deeper than a normal record.”

This means you can fit anywhere from five to six minutes of music per side of the record.

“These, 3D files are very high resolution. Just for one minute of audio – about 200 mb – there are about 400 million little (details) arranged in 3D space to create this 3D model,” continued Ghassaei.

The 3D Printed records produce quality sound that is picked up by traditional turntables.  Listen for a 3D printed record next time you hear that familiar crackle.






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