Proto3000’s New Website

Proto3000’s New Website

On January 10th, 2013, we launched our new website!

Our new site has grown in size – quite considerably! We have expanded our old website from under 200 pages to over 1700.
Among the drastic improvements we made from our old website, several major changes should be highlighted:

Ease of Navigation and Interactive Design

Our new website has been designed with everyone. We concentrated on ease of use and
Our interactive drop down menu presents all our options for you, which have been categorized into major and minor categories. Even viewers unfamiliar with the technology can easily access information in a time effective manner. Our old website was more confusing and less interactive.
At the bottom of almost every page, you will notice a blue banner, which acts as a mini-site map, allows for quick navigation to almost every page on our site.

Expanded Product and Solutions Line-Up

We are never satisfied. We are always looking for the most innovating 3D Engineering products and solutions to provide our customers. Our expanded product and solution line-ups show our dedication to providing our customers with the most complete 3D Engineering solution possible.

New Content

Our new website features fresh content to match our new look. We kept relevant content from our old page, however, with over 1000 new pages; we had to develop new content. Our news section is also state-of-the-art. It features the latest trends, events and breaking news in the 3D Engineering world and is updated multiple times every week. It is your news – in 3D.

New Quote System

Our new quote system is very easy to use. With interactive drop down menus, your options are clearly presented to you. Your entry goes directly to an industry expert who will contact you as soon as possible.


We now have a feedback section which allows users to improve their online experience with us. Users can share their comments, questions and concerns with the click of a mouse.

Since mid-2012 we have been working hard on our new website. We hope you enjoy it.




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